Interfaith Solidarity Cascadia (historical memorial)

Notice (Nov. 17, 2015): This site, which was utilized for a brief period of time in late 2012 through early 2013, is maintained solely in the interest of historical preservation. Please also check out the blog, for more archived contents.

Please direct any enquiries to:

S.A.A. Morrigan
1724 NE Broadway St., #539
Portland, Oregon 97232-1428
(503) 427-8269
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Disclaimer: All contents are kept as they are, in the interest of historic preservation. Opinions expressed by me or others herein may no longer represent or reflect current views on the subject matter. Any mention to events, organizations, places, etc., were current and valid at the time of its publication.

NEWS (Nov. 16, 2012): We have been officially recombined into a new unitary organization, Interfaith Solidarity Cascadia.  This website's content will be moved to the new combined website.

The Interfaith Solidarity Cascadia is a multi-religious, multicultural, multi-issue affinity group in solidarity with the Occupy and Occupy-inspired allied movements in the Pacific Northwest, centered in Portland, Oregon, with membership throughout Oregon and Washington.

Interfaith Solidarity, attn: Sarah Morrigan c/o Occupy Portland, 1131 SE Oak St Ste 5, Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 427-8269
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