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County & City
Name of Newspaper
Years Covered
Clark - GoodspringsGoodsprings Gazette1916 - 1919FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
Clark - HendersonBig Job > Basic Bombardier
(Newsletters of Basic Magnesium, Inc.) 
1942 - 1944FreeHenderson District Public Libraries
Clark - HendersonHenderson Home News1951 - 2009FreeHenderson District Public Libraries
Clark - Las VegasLas Vegas Age1905 - 1915
1917 - 1922
Las Vegas - Clark County Library District
Elko - ElkoElko Daily Independent1885 - 1887$GenealogyBank
Elko - ElkoFree Press1885 - 1901FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
Lander - AustinReese River Reveille1863 - 1887
1907 - 1908
FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
Lander - AustinReese River Reveille1864$GenealogyBank
Pershing - UnionvilleHumboldt Register1865$GenealogyBank
Storey - Virginia CityDaily Territorial Enterprise1883 - 1900FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
Storey - Virginia CityTerritorial Enterprise1874 - 1879$GenealogyBank
Storey - Virginia CityVirginia Evening Bulletin1863 - 1864FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network 
Storey - Virginia CityVirginia Evening Chronicle1872 - 1927FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network 
Washoe - RenoDaily Nevada State Journal1875 - 1926$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - Reno Nevada Evening Gazette1973 - 1977$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - RenoNevada State Journal1893 - 1922$GenealogyBank
Washoe - Reno Nevada State Journal1870 - 1977$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - Reno Reno Evening Gazette1876 - 1977$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - Reno Reno Evening News1884 - 1888$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - Reno Reno Weekly Gazette and Stockman1888 - 1900$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - Reno Reno Weekly Gazette1879 - 1885$NewspaperARCHIVE
Washoe - WadsworthWadsworth Dispatch1893FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
White Pine - HamiltonInland Empire1869$GenealogyBank
White Pine - Cherry Creek
White Pine News1881 - 1884FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
White Pine - ElyWhite Pine News1888 - 1906FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
White Pine - TaylorWhite Pine News1885 - 1888FreeCooperative Libraries Automated Network
White Pine - Treasure CityWhite Pine News1869$GenealogyBank

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