The development of online collaboration software, the infrastructure to run it on and the growing adoption of the technology means that some people are beginning to realise the benefits that exist. For the individual there is the possibility of increased flexibility and opportunity to utilise their expertise on a global basis. For the organisation there is the opportunity to engage expertise that simply doesn’t exist locally and potentially reduce costs.

In this guide:

Finding new collaboration opportunities

There are lost of growing social networks and communities and I am always interested to hear of new ones.

I can recommend working as a problem solver at idea connection, I have facilitated teams there and as well as the experience of collaborating with great people from around the world there is the added bonus that you might make some money, in the long run, if you develop a successful solution

Another great community is built around connecting online 2010 (CO10) they are particularly focused on training and learning online and provide opportunities and free support to those who want to teach online.


http://www.integrating-technology.com/ CO10

Finding online work or workers

If you do a search for online work you will probably find links to lots of get rich quick schemes. The following is a list of some sites that provide opportunities to utilise your skills online or to find skilled workers online.

General job sites




Specialist job sites

http://www.utest.com (Software testing)

http://www.crowdspring.com/ (Creative/Graphic Artists)

Further Information

This site is run by Jason Reed. I am committed to providing impartial advice about online collaboration. I will suggest tools that I believe are really useful, there are lots of tools out there the key to success is having a go.

I blog my on going online collaboration experiences at:


“.....it continues to offer the promise that humans can quit spending so much of the world's treasure travelling to physical proximity to other humans when they can assemble instead their far more portable minds.”

John Perry Barlow circa 1991 cofounder of Electronic Frontiers Foundation

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I've hopefully kept things simple by picking out some useful tools that you can get going with. The intention is to develop valuable content but not overload with information.

Please contact me If you have any questions or suggestions or if you require consultancy, coaching or training to develop online collaboration for you, your team or organisation. I am also available to facilitate online collaboration.