Dr. Omer Markovitch (Photographer: Nerissa Escanlar)

Welcome !

The question of how life arose is grand and remains one of the most significant unanswered questions in science. The multifaceted study of the origins of life offers great potential for understanding our own existence and could guide our search for life throughout the universe.

Life is believed to have started in the chemical domain (i.e., the prebiotic soup). Therefore, understanding how a chemical system could transition from interacting molecules to an entity capable to replicate and evolve is an important aspect of origins research.

I am a systems chemist, interested in the origins of life and how to apply our understanding of life's origins to understand complexity in prebiotic evolution and in man-made synthetic (chemical and biological) systems and networks. My research is often interdisciplinary on the border between chemistry and biology. I am also passionate about communicating science across borders and outreaching to the general public.

I obtained a Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute in 2014 (thesis), and a M.Sc. from the Hebrew University in 2008 (thesis library link).

Feel free to wander on this website and explore my Publications and Outreach activities. You are welcome to Contact me.