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September 28, 2013 – OPTH's By-the-Light-of-the-Silvery-Moon-Hunt
Kitsap Rodeo Grounds clean up 2013
one small bucket
These pictures were taken after on 3 hours and 3 people turning in their finds. Eleven people were there Saturday, but more were expected throughout the week.
Summer BBQ
OPTH Christmas Party had a visit from Santa.

OPTH xmas 11

OPTH Moonlight Hunt 2011
We'd like to thank all those who donated prizes and all the volunteers who worked all year long to make this a sucessful event.

OPTH Silvery Moon 2011

Rodeo grounds Cleanup
President Jim Redfearn Presiden
  Ed & Ledine Wilson, Ron & Bev Sharer, Edd Currier, MaryLou & Bob Reister, Lee Speed, and several other not pictured all worked hard to cleanup nails, bolts and miscellaneous metal shards like these.
Congratulations on a job well done.
Christmas 2010
Finds of the Year 2010 Winners
1852 Canadian 1/2 cent and 1852  US 3 cent piece found in the same hole
By Tim Hockett
Gold Ring with Diamonds found by Mark Jenkins
Dagger found by Tim Hockett

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Moonlight 2010 - Despite the weather OPTH's By-the-light-of-the-Silvery-Moon Hunt was a great success thanks to all the hardworking volunteers and participants that came from all over the state.

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Junefest 2010 saw OPTH members taking home a lot of prizes including their "Piece of Eight"
Lenny Phay 2009 Hunt Winner - Tim Hockett

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Special recognition to Chuck Swanson for his generous donation to the Penticton Club Hunt.

They are calling it the Swanson Smile.  They're raflling it off with the proceeds going to their Children's Hospital.



Summer BBQ 2009 - pictures to go here

Finds of the Month - May 2009

Special Find

Lee Speed and his 1901S - Barber Quarter
Lee also won Find of the Year 2009 from Western and Eastern Treasures magazine with this find.





Christmas Party 2008

2009 Officers and Board members


Finds of the Year Table and Winners



Members enjoying the evening








Oldest member - Diana Harrell 89

November 2008

4 new members included the Moonlight Hunt "Treasure Chest" winner Tim Hockett, Bob & Pennie Hinchcliffe and David Luke.



November Finds & Winners






October 2008

By-the-Light-of-the-Silvery-Moon Hunt


President Chuck Swanson overseeing the festivities.

The Treasure Chest

The Spinning Wheel

 The crowd





The raffle



 Gold - Lee Speed




The Treasure Chest - Jim Hockett

Mary Lou and Rick's Birdhouse


Guests from Canada - Jim Tennant and Carolyn



Public Service Day


Lee Speed lead us on a search for missing keys at the the behest of the local Sheriff's office.

Then we went out to the Kitsap fairgrounds to pick up debris that might hurt the animals or riders in the upcoming rodeo.


 We enjoy several Club functions throughout the year.

Spring Hunt 2008

 Come join us and you too could win this: 


Summer BBQ 2008



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