The Global Earnings Inequality Database

Version 1.0, July 2017. For variable definitions and calculations, see Hammar and Waldenström (2017). Please cite as: Hammar, Olle and Daniel Waldenström (2017), "Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015", CEPR Discussion Paper 12019. Also cite the following primary data sources: UBS (1970-2015) Prices and Earnings; Freeman and Oostendorp (2012) OWW; ILO (2010) LABORSTA; ILO (2011) ILOSTAT; World Bank (2016) WDI. Contact: Olle Hammar,; Daniel Waldenström,
  • Full dataset (Excel)
  • Global earnings inequality (Stata)
  • Country earnings inequality (Stata)
  • Country-occupation earnings (Stata)
  • City-occupation earnings (Stata)