All software is for research purposes only.

Image Denoising software (in MATLAB) implementing the algorithm described in Section 4.3 of "A Global Perspective on MAP Inference for Low-Level Vision", ICCV 2009. Software co-written with Vladimir Kolmogorov.

OJW's Image-Based Rendering Toolbox (in MATLAB).

MATLAB functions
for generating, displaying and exporting image data. Includes:
export_fig - For saving MATLAB figures in bitmap and vector formats as they appear on screen.
sc - For combining, exporting and displaying image data, with improved colormaps, real2rgb conversion and better image display.
Figure control widget - Intuitively manipulate (rotate, pan, zoom) 3D figures with mouse gestures.
batch_job- Distribute a MATLAB for loop across multiple processes on multiple computers, without expensive toolboxes.
Example C++ wrapper - Create memory-safe MATLAB wrappers to persistent C++ class-based APIs.