• All estimates are free

  • We will never begin work on your bicycle without you knowing in advance what it will cost

  • We will call if anything with your bike exceeds original estimate by more then 10%.


Our hourly labor rate is $80 a hour. This applies to all work not specifically listed below and to any special situations or bicycles.

All repairs are based on an estimate of time involved, all estimates will be given verbally at estimate, all prices below are a guideline that is most commonly followed.


Tune ups...$80 to $100 depending on time involved...

  • Adjust and tighten brakes, includes labor for installation of new pads, cables, or housing

  • Adjust derailleurs, includes labor for installation of new cables and housing

  • True wheels, replace broken spoke

  • Adjust all bearings ( headset, bottom bracket, front hub, rear hub)

  • Lubrication

  • Labor to install certain accessories, such as bells, grips, lights...

  • Labor to install certain parts, such as chain, cassettes, pedals...

  • General cleaning of bicycle

  • Inflate tires to recommended pressure

  • General safety check, look for any loose bolts, cracks in frame, dangerously worn parts

  • Extra, every bicycle has some little need, and we want to fix it, such as a missing bolt from you rack.

*This price schedule applies to most bicycles. Certain restrictions do apply, such as Tandem and Recumbent bicycles. Or Bicycles that have so many new parts going on that they will exceed estimated time of tune up(1 hour to 1 hour fifteen minutes). In these situations, a larger price estimate will be given up front at time of estimate.


$20-$30 Per Brake adjustment, $20 for adjustment $30 for adjustment and install of parts, such as pads, cable and housing, lever, or brake itself.

Old Town Cycles is not at this time servicing Hydraulic (fluid) Brakes.


$20-$30 Per adjustment (front or rear)

  • $30 for adjustment and parts install, such as cable and housing

  • $20 for adjustment

$25 Derailleur hanger adjustment

  • Realignment of Der hanger

  • adjustment of der

$20 Shifter overhaul ( Pod style, typically on mtn bike)


$15 Chain installation

$10 Install cassette or freewheel

*some old freewheels actually need the axel removed to remove freewheel, these situations will be charged accordingly

$20 Handlebar wrap

$5-10 Seat installation

$5 Pedal installation

$15 and up. Install Rack, basket. Based on time estimate.

$20 and up to Install Fenders, based on time estimate

$15 and up Install Cycling computer. Based on time estimate of work

$20 Install Training Wheels

$30 Install new Front wheel to bike (for wheels purchased here)

$40 Install new rear wheel to bike (for wheels purchased here)


Sorry, but we are unable to box bicycles for shipping at this time.

We also will not accept bicycles shipped to our location for reassembly.


$15 labor for flat fix, tubes $8-10

$15 Install tire

*Some restrictions apply, such as bicycles with electric motors or fairings, internal geared hubs with coaster brakes, European styled full wrap chain guards. For these bicycles an estimate will be given verbally. Usually in a price range based on estimated time.


Headset $30-40

Bottom Bracket $30-40

Front hub $25

Rear hub $25-$35

Pedals $40-50

Coaster Brake $40-$60

*any parts extra, cones, bearings etc.

  • Cartridge bottom bracket installation $30 and up if stuck.*

*Often Bottom brackets are frozen and require additional labor.


  • Headset $15 and up

  • Bottom bracket $15 and up.

  • Front hub $15 and up

  • Rear hub $15 and up

  • estimate will be given


  • $15 and up depending on what is done. For instance, to laterally true a front wheel would be $15, whereas to tension, dish, and round a rear wheel would cost more.

  • Most often a price range estimate will be given on wheel truing depending on the circumstance and time involved

  • To replace a broken spoke is $30 and up. Depending on Front or Rear, Disc and other.

  • Old Town Cycles does not custom build wheels. We do however stock a vast array of replacement wheels for most bicycles and have access to literally thousands of different wheels.