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Ohio Association of Teacher Educators

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The Ohio Association of Teacher Educators (OATE) is a state unit/affiliate of the Association of Teacher Educators (founded in 1920) and is also a member of the Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations (OCTEO). OATE promotes quality teacher education programs for initial preparation, induction, and continuing professional development opportunities for P-12 school districts, agency-based, and college/university teacher educators.  OATE is the only state/national (ATE) affiliate organization that represents individual educators in all disciplines.  Ohio Field Directors are represented by OATE for individual membership.  OATE members meet in the fall and spring, attend ATE, receive updates on relevant topics/requirements from OBR/ODE, sponsor state awards and publish a recognized state OATE journal.  OATE enhances your professional development.

OATE Membership Benefits

SOCIALIZING------------     RESEARCHING -------------    ADVOCATING------------------    PUBLISHING----------------

  1. Opportunities for dialogue and collective action on current issues affecting teacher education.
  2. Opportunities for individual professional growth and leadership.
  3. Eligibility to publish in OATE peer reviewed journal.
  4. Collaboration with other education entities sharing common interests.
  5. Legislative alerts and representation for teacher educators to provide a voice with state policymakers.
  6. Opportunities for networking with other professionals for innovative practices.

To Join or renew:

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Lynn S. Kline, Ph.D.
LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education 
University of Akron
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Akron, OH 44325-4205

2. Complete the Membership Form