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Note also my other Google Sites site, "habichts", also made public. Difference?

And another I have on Google Sites, also not made public:


Production notes

7/25/2018: Converted sites to new version of Google Sites<https://sites.google.com/new?usp=jotspot_si>, from Classic Google Sites <https://sites.google.com/>.

Link to habichts.net domain registration service (EasyDNS; $55/yr, 4/2010)

4/18/14: Got a notice today from Google that this account was closed due to inactivity . And yet I've been active on it (see below). And it's still open. Didn't look like phishing. Hmm.

3/18/2014: Re-upped account with Google.

July 1, 2009: CU People pages service stopped.

6/22/2009: This service will apparently soon be moved by Google to "Google Sites" service.