General Schedule
·      Doors Open 6:30 am
·      Registration outside the Cooper Gym 7-8 am
·      Information Table – Outside the Cooper Gym 8 – 3 pm
·      Impound 8 – 8:45 am at the event location
·      Events 9 – 2:50 pm
·      Awards – 5pm (High School in the Upper School Student Center & Middle School in the Shaw Gym)

Below are Updated Event Schedules for the 2018 Regional Tournament. 

Self-Scheduling officially opens - Tues. Feb. 13th at 8pm.

·      The Mission Possible time is for the 3 min test time with the Event Supervisor. The students need to be there 30 min before the selected time to set up.

·      Towers is starting 30 min. early and goes 30 min later to fit everyone in. We have one Event Supervisor doing both B & C.

·      Alternate & Primary teams MUST compete in the same time slot when multiple team slots are available. Ex. Disease Detectives, Hovercraft, Fermi Questions, Game On, Fast Facts & Div. B Source Code

·      In all other Self-schedule events the Primary team MUST compete before the Alternate team.

·      Go to: and use the same username & password that was issued to you earlier this year OR from last year. Once you are in the system your username & password stays the same. New coaches who have not yet used this system should have received an email earlier this week. Please try out the system before Sunday night and let me know if you have any questions.

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