About us

NorthWest Community Corrections Center is a community-based correctional facility that serves as a sentencing option for adult males convicted of a felony-level offense. The goals of this program include providing a secure, intensive, evidence-based treatment program designed to assist residents with making positive behavioral changes.

The program is a maximum of six months. A resident's length of stay and the services provided to him will depend on a variety of assessments and progress-tracking tools utilized by the staff. The program includes a phase system consisting of four phases. Phase advancement is based upon meeting the identified phase goals, behavior in the program, and measured skill acquisition (learning new skills). Phase advancement results in increased program privileges and is a part of the behavior modification system.

This program utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach to reducing criminal thinking and activities and increasing pro-social skills. The behavior modification system involves immediate reinforcements and sanctions related to certain behaviors. This kind of programming rewards residents for making good choices and gives negative consequences for making poor choices. The behavior management program is used to help change offender behavior.

During the program, residents are required to participate in community service activities. Residents may also be able to participate in the Work-for-Pay program while they are here, in which eligible residents are stationed at temporary jobs.

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