NorthWest Community Corrections Center

NorthWest Community Corrections Center

1740 East Gypsy Lane Road

Bowling Green, OH 43402 

Using evidence-based treatment strategies to help individuals make healthier decisions

If you think what you've always thought, you'll feel what you've always felt and do what you've always done. 

If what you've always done isn't getting you where you want, it may be time to change. Change your thinking to change your behavior. Control your life by controlling your thinking.


About us

Our Mission

NorthWest Community Corrections Center is a community-based correctional facility that serves as a sentencing option for adult males convicted of a felony-level offense. The goals of this program include providing a secure, intensive, evidence-based treatment program designed to assist residents with making positive behavioral changes. 

Our Services

This program utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach to reducing criminal thinking and activities and increasing pro-social skills. Services available include chemical dependency treatment, relapse prevention, and other CBT approaches to behavior change.

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Strengthening Bonds and Creating Connections Guidebook - Provides guidance on answering the questions children may pose to their parents, guardians, and advocates.Provided by the DRC Office of Reentry and Big Brothers Big Sisters Amachi Ohio.