About Us

We meet once per month on a Monday or Tuesday. Meetings begin at 6pm. The meeting location rotates among the business locations of members who are able to host. Once each quarter, we meet in a more social setting.

Attendance is taken at meetings, and the taking of minutes rotates among attendees. If a member will not be at a meeting, she should let Lisa Chagnon know why she cannot attend. She may send a substitute in her place. If a member misses more than 3 consecutive meetings without sending a substitute, the NWNG board has the right to consider the application of someone with the same occupation as that member.

There is no membership fee, but members are asked to contribute a small amount each year -- currently $20 -- to cover the costs of running the organization.

All members are encouraged to actively look for and refer new members. The more professions we represent, the better for everyone!

We belong to the Nutley Chamber of Commerce.

You can also find us on Facebook at Nutley Women's Networking Group (NWNG).