Congratulation!!  Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁)'s high-speed volumetric brain imaging is published in Optics Letters!

Congratulation!!  Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁) nice results on optical characterization of drosophila brain is published in Biomedical Optics Express!

Congratulation!!  Chiao Huang (黃喬) is enrolled in University of Arizona!

Congratulation!!  Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁) received 2019 Outstanding Thesis Award, the Taiwan Physical Society. (物理學會研究生優良論文獎: 佳作) 

Congratulation!!  Yi-Shiou Duh (杜懿修) received SPIE/MKS Student Travel Grant for Photonics West, 2019. 

Congratulation!!  Yun-Tung Kuo (郭芸彤) and Jyun-Yi Lin (林俊誼) received Best paper award, 2018 Biomedical Molecular Imaging, Taipei, Taiwan. 

Congratulation!!  Han-Yuan Lin (林涵源) beautiful super-resolution work has been published in iScience! 

  Yi-Shiou Duh (杜懿修) is enrolled in Stanford!

Congratulation!!  Po-Ting Shen (沈柏廷) to be enrolled in Cornell!

Congratulation!! Chih-Wei Liu (劉致維) received Best poster awardChiao Huang (黃喬) and Hou-Xian Ding (丁厚獻) received  Honorable Mention poster award in Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Physical Society 2018.

Congratulation!! Kai-Ping Yang (楊凱評) received Chien-Shiung Wu Scholarship (吳健雄獎學金) and Outstanding Thesis Award from the Taiwan Physical Society, 2017.

Congratulation!! Yu-Feng Chien (簡裕峰) received Best summer internship, from NTU Neurobiology and Cognitive Center., 2017.

Congratulation!! Yi-Shiou Duh (杜懿修) received Best poster award from Undergraduate Topical Research Competition in NTU Physics, 2017.

Congratulation!!  Yi-Chin Tseng (曾奕晴) to be enrolled in UBC, Canada, and her paper is published in Plant Methods 2017!

Congratulation!!  Wei-Kuan Lin (林瑋冠) to be enrolled in U Michigan and Yi-Shiou Duh (杜懿修) to be enrolled in Stanford

Congratulation!! Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁) 
Received Best paper award in OPTIC (Optics and Photonics Taiwan International Conference) 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.

Congratulation!! Yi-Shiou Duh (杜懿修)
Received Best poster award in 2016 Global Nanophotonics in Osaka, Japan

Congratulation!! Chih-Wei Liu (劉致維) and Chiao Huang (黃喬)
Received Best paper award in 2016 Biomedical Molecular Imaging & 6th Molecular Imaging Center Symposium of National Taiwan University, Jiao-Xi, Taiwan.

Congratulation!!  Yi-Chin Tseng (曾奕晴)
Received "Best poster award" from Undergraduate Topical Research Competition in NTU Physics, 2016

Congratulation!!  Kuan-Yu Li (李冠郁) to be enrolled in Stanford this year!

Congratulation!! Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁) 
Received Best paper award in Optics and Photonics Taiwan International Conference 2015, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.

Congratulation!! Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁) and Po-Ting Shen (沈柏廷)
Received Best paper award in 2015 Biomedical Molecular Imaging & 5th Molecular Imaging Center Symposium of National Taiwan University, Xi-tou, Taiwan.

Congratulation!!  Shi-Wei Chu (朱士維) received two prestigious awards
Young Scholar Innovation Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholars (傑出人才發展基金會 年輕學者創新獎)
Outstanding Mentor Award from NTU (優良導師獎, 1% of the faculty)

Congratulation!!  Mei-Yu Chen (陳美瑜), Kuo-Jen Hsu (徐國仁)
Received "Special Award" and "Honorable Mention Award" in the Molecular Imaging Center image contest 2015.

Congratulation!!  Kuan-Yu Li (李冠郁)
Received "Student travel grant" from SPIE Photonics West 2015, San Francisco

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