Community Assistance


As part of the community, The New Richmond Soccer Association contributes to the welfare of our children in many ways.  The Association is a soccer league for children, but it is so much more.  The teams are picked randomly as to introduce as many children to other children as possible.  This allows children to work on their social skills as well as their athletic ability.  The children must learn to work together to accomplish a common goal, and they learn how to handle winning graciously and losing respectfully.  They truly learn so much more than soccer.
The use of the fields we have called home have been donated to us since the early 90’s, but that is coming to an end with the closure of the Beckjord Power Plant.  The loss of Beckjord Fields may be a very unfortunate time in our children’s lives, unless we can work together as a community. 

Our lease on Beckjord fields expires after the fall season.  We have requested an extension on this lease to give us more time to generate the needed funds and give the league time to do the needed improvements to make the fields playable. 

Dale Younts (NRSA President), James Pollitt (NRSA Treasure) and Steve Williams (NRSA Field Manager), among many others, have been working diligently since April of 2016 to find a new home for our program.  This has included attending and speaking at township meetings, meeting with land owners, contacting several local officials, etc. 

We have reached an agreement with the Village of Moscow to lease the land between the community center and the Zimmer Power Plant, but require assistance in preparing the land and placing adequate parking.  Thus, we are seeking assistance in preparing the land so we can provide a safe, pleasant environment for the youth of our community to play ball. 

Utter Construction has generously offered to assist us by cutting their cost of labor and machinery considerably, but we still need help.  The donation of the required materials, or financial help would be greatly appreciated.

We are asking for any assistance that can be given. We are a 501(c)3, so any assistance is a charitable donation and may be able to be deducted from business or personal taxes.

Thanks on behalf of the
New Richmond Soccer Association

Another way to support us is to shop Amazon Smile.  They donate .5% of eligible purchases directly to the league!