Value-added Industries

Stafford (2017) reported on the opportunities for local embedded energy, wood fuels and other products from invasive alien plant biomass
Stafford et al. (2016) carried out a techno-economic feasibility study for the production of wood-fuels, heat, electricity and biochar from invasive alien plant biomass on the Agulhas Plains
Pierce (2016) conducted a techno-economic analysis of biomass to energy projects with alien and invasive species as feedstock
Mugido et al. (2014) determined the feasibility of harvesting invasive alien plant species for energy
Le Maitre & Forsyth (2011) carried out an invasive alien plants biomass assessment
SU, KPMG & ENF (2001) Transaction Advisor report which developed a strategy and range of options for WfW to adopt in relation to the future development and expansion of value-added industries

Value-added Industries SMART goals