Published & Forthcoming Papers:

Taxation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Estimating Consumer Preferences for Different Beverages (with Catherine Haeck and Krystel Poirier), forthcoming at Economics & Human Biology.

What Should We Agree on about the Repugnant Conclusion? (with 28 co-authors), 2021, Utilitas 33(4), 379-383.

Those Who Can't Sort, Steal: Caste, Occupational Mobility, and Rent-Seeking in Rural India (with Dean Spears), 2021, Journal of Demographic Economics 87(1), 107-140. (working paper version)

Taxing the Job Creators: Efficient Taxation with Bargaining in Hierarchical Firms, 2019, Labour Economics 56, 1-25. (working paper version)

Optimal Population and Exhaustible Resource Constraints (with Dean Spears), 2018, Journal of Population Economics 31(1), 295-335. (working paper version)

Liquidity Constraints, Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Tuition Subsidies, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 313-343. (working paper version)

Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Unemployment Insurance, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 281-312. (working paper version)

Defaults, Mandates, and Taxes: Policy Design with Active and Passive Decision-Makers (with Jacob Goldin), 2016, American Law and Economics Review 18(2), 438-462. (working paper version)

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Poorer: Adult Wages and Early-Life Mortality in India (with Dean Spears), 2016, Economics & Human Biology 21, 1-16. (open access)

Social Program Substitution and Optimal Policy, 2015, Labour Economics 37, 13-27. (working paper version)

Is Collective Bargaining Pareto Efficient? A Survey of the Literature, 2011, Journal of Labor Research 32(3), 282-304. (working paper version)

Working Papers:

Heritable Fertility is not Sufficient for Positive Long-Term Population Growth: Research Note (with Samuel Arenberg, Kevin Kuruc, Nathan Franz, Sangita Vyas, Melissa LoPalo, Mark Budolfson, Michael Geruso, and Dean Spears) (revised & resubmitted to Demography)

Population Externalities and Optimal Social Policy (with Dean Spears) (submitted)

Optimal Unemployment Policy, Working Paper No. 2018-02, Département des sciences économiques, ESG UQAM (current version, submitted)

Fiscal Externalities and Underinvestment in Early-Life Human Capital: Optimal Policy Instruments for a Developing Country (with Dean Spears)

Work in Progress:

"Firms' Organizations and the Minimum Wage" (with Claire Lelarge and Grigorios Spanos)

"You Should Reject This Paper: Dynamic Agency, Sequential Evaluation, and Learning in Academic Publishing"

"What Citation Tests Really Tell Us About Bias in Academic Publishing"

"Optimal Mix of Environmental Policy Instruments" (with Vera Danilina)

"Optimal Basic Income for India" (with Dean Spears)

"Modeling Low-Fertility Traps as Feedback Effects: Low Variance in Fertility and other Mechanisms under Multigenerational Optimization'' (with Michael Geruso and Dean Spears)