Published & Forthcoming Papers:

Optimal Unemployment Policy, 2023, Economic Inquiry 61(3), 675-692. (working paper version)

Research Note: Intergenerational Transmission is not Sufficient for Positive Long-Term Population Growth (with Samuel Arenberg, Kevin Kuruc, Nathan Franz, Sangita Vyas, Melissa LoPalo, Mark Budolfson, Michael Geruso, and Dean Spears), 2022, Demography 59(6), 2003-2012. (working paper version)

Estimating Consumer Preferences for Different Beverages using the BLP Approach (with Catherine Haeck and Krystel Poirier), 2022, Economics & Human Biology 46, 101138. (working paper version)

What Should We Agree on about the Repugnant Conclusion? (with 28 co-authors), 2021, Utilitas 33(4), 379-383.

Those Who Can't Sort, Steal: Caste, Occupational Mobility, and Rent-Seeking in Rural India (with Dean Spears), 2021, Journal of Demographic Economics 87(1), 107-140. (working paper version)

Taxing the Job Creators: Efficient Taxation with Bargaining in Hierarchical Firms, 2019, Labour Economics 56, 1-25. (working paper version)

Optimal Population and Exhaustible Resource Constraints (with Dean Spears), 2018, Journal of Population Economics 31(1), 295-335. (working paper version)

Liquidity Constraints, Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Tuition Subsidies, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 313-343. (working paper version)

Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Unemployment Insurance, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 281-312. (working paper version)

Defaults, Mandates, and Taxes: Policy Design with Active and Passive Decision-Makers (with Jacob Goldin), 2016, American Law and Economics Review 18(2), 438-462. (working paper version)

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Poorer: Adult Wages and Early-Life Mortality in India (with Dean Spears), 2016, Economics & Human Biology 21, 1-16. (open access)

Social Program Substitution and Optimal Policy, 2015, Labour Economics 37, 13-27. (working paper version)

Is Collective Bargaining Pareto Efficient? A Survey of the Literature, 2011, Journal of Labor Research 32(3), 282-304. (working paper version)


Working Papers:

Population Externalities and Optimal Social Policy (with Dean Spears) (revised & resubmitted to Social Choice and Welfare)

You Should Reject This Paper: Dynamic Agency, Sequential Evaluation, and Learning in Academic Publishing (revise & resubmit at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

What Citation Tests Really Tell Us About Bias in Academic Publishing (revised & resubmitted to European Economic Review)

Redistribution, Rent-Seeking, and the Welfare Impact of a Universal Basic Income in India (with Dean Spears) (submitted)

Fiscal Externalities and Underinvestment in Early-Life Human Capital: Optimal Policy Instruments for a Developing Country (with Dean Spears) (submitted)

Work in Progress:

"Firms' Organizations and the Minimum Wage" (with Claire Lelarge and Grigorios Spanos)

"Modeling Low-Fertility Traps as Feedback Effects: Low Variance in Fertility and other Mechanisms under Multigenerational Optimization'' (with Michael Geruso and Dean Spears)

"Equilibrium Effects of Abortion Restrictions on Cohort Fertility: Why Restricting Abortion Access Can Reduce Human Capital, Social Welfare, and Lifetime Fertility Rates" (with Dean Spears)

"Discrimination and the Fiscal Benefits of Immigration"