Published & Forthcoming Papers:

Liquidity Constraints, Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Tuition Subsidies, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 313-343. (working paper version)

Fiscal Externalities and Optimal Unemployment Insurance, 2017, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(4), 281-312. (working paper version)

Working Papers:

Optimal Unemployment Policy, Working Paper No. 2018-02, Département des sciences économiques, ESG UQAM (current version, submitted)

Work in Progress:
"Relooking at Minimum Wages Through the Lens of Organization" (with Grigorios Spanos)

"Fiscal Externalities and Underinvestment in Early-Life Human Capital: Optimal Policy Instruments for a Developing Country" (with Dean Spears)

"You Should Reject This Paper: Sequential Screening and Information Transmission in Academic Publishing"

"Optimal Mix of Environmental Policy Instruments" (with Vera Danilina)

"Optimal Basic Income for India" (with Dean Spears)

"Population Externalities and Optimal Social Policy" (with Dean Spears)