Incorporating Masters of Trentside

 Sunday 26th February 2017
CLOSE OF ENTRIES: NOON on Sunday 19th February 2017 (via BROE only)
Entries may be limited to 100 per division for safety reasons

 DIVISION 1 at 10:00 (distance 5700m)

Open eights, Women's quads/fours

 Start  Clifton Bridge
 Finish  TS Orion
 Start time  10:00
 Last boating time  Trentside: Eights 09:15, Fours 09:00 
 NWSC: Eights 08:45, Fours 08.30
 8+  ELI, SEN, IM1, IM2, IM3, J18, J16
 4x-  W.ELI, W.SEN, W.IM1, W.IM2, W.IM3, W.J18
 4-  W.ELI, W.IM1, W.J18
 4+  W.SEN, W.IM2, W.IM3, W.J18

 DIVISION 2 at 12:30 (distance 3850m) 

Open Novice and Women's Novice eights, quads and fours

 Start  Clifton Bridge
 Finish  50m above Trent Bridge
 Start time
 Last boating time
 Trentside: Eights/octuples 11:45, Fours/quads 11:30
 NWSC: Eights/octuples 11:15, Fours/quads 11:00
 8+  NOV, W.NOV
 4x-  NOV, W.NOV, J16, W.J16
 4x+  J15, W.J15, J14, W.J14
 4+  NOV, W.NOV, J16, W.J16, J15, W.J15
 8x+ J15, W.J15, J14, W.J14 

 DIVISION 3 at 14:30 (distance 5700m)

Women's eights, Open quads/fours

 Start  Clifton Bridge
 Finish  TS Orion
 Start time  14:30
 Last boating time  Trentside: Eights 13:45, Fours 13:30 
 NWSC: Eights 13:15, Fours 13.00
 8+  W.ELI, W.SEN, W.IM1, W.IM2, W.IM3, W.J18, W.J16
 4x-  ELI, SEN, IM1, IM2, IM3, J18
 4-  ELI, IM1, J18
 4+  SEN, IM2, IM3, J18