(entries close at noon on Sunday 23rd October)

DIVISION 1 (the Nottingham Sculling Head) at 10:00
5450 m downstream, starts 1600 m above Clifton Bridge.

Open & Women's singles, Open & Women's Masters singles, Junior 18, Junior 17 and Junior 16 Open & Women's singles.

DIVISION 2 (the Nottingham Junior Head) at 12:30
2000 m downstream, starts at the Toll Bridge.

 4x+     J14, J13, J12  
 W.J14, W.J13, W.J12
 2x  J15, J14, J13, J12  
 W.J15, W.J14, W.J13,  W.J12
  1x  NOV, J15, J14, J13, J12  
 W.NOV, W.J15, W.J14,  W.J13,  W.J12

DIVISION 3 (the Nottingham Autumn Head) at 14:30

3850 m downstream, starts at Clifton Bridge. 

 4x-     ELI, SEN, IM1, IM2, IM3,  NOV, J18,  J16 
 W.ELI, W.SEN, W.IM1,  W.IM2, W.IM3,  W.NOV,  W.J18, W.J16
 4-  ELI, IM1
 4+  ELI, SEN, IM1, IM2, IM3,  NOV
 W.ELI, W.SEN, W.IM1,  W.IM2,W.IM3,  W.NOV
 2-  ELI, IM1
 2x   ELI, SEN, IM1, IM2, NOV,  J18, J16
 W.ELI, W.SEN, W.IM1,  W.IM2,  W.NOV, W.J18,  W.J16
 4x+  J15

Open Masters* and Women's Masters* entries are invited in Division 3 (not 4x+)

Divisions 1 & 3 finish at the buttress outside the Nottingham Britannia boathouse (about 100m below Trent Bridge). Division 2 to finish above Trent Bridge.
* The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate Masters categories as appropriate in order to form a race. Standard handicaps will be applied.
 The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate Junior categories as appropriate in order to form a race, or to move to an appropriate Open event. 

PRESENTATION OF PRIZES will be in Nottingham Rowing Club (Boat Club boathouse) at 16:00. Presentation trophies will be awarded to all event winners (note that trophies will only be awarded for an event where three or more entries are received and at least two actually race).

ORDER OF RACING. The first ten competitors will hold their places from the previous year as far as possible, otherwise competitors will race within their categories. New entrants will race at the end of their category (i.e. all Elite, all Senior etc). For safety reasons, each division may be restricted to the first hundred entries (priority given to paid entries).

ENTRIES are via BR Online Entry only. On-line payment is available, or may be made by cheque payable to 'Nottingham Regatta' ( £10/seat ) and clearly marked with the club/event. Please enclose a telephone contact number and e-mail address for enquiries or emergencies. 

Entries close at NOON on Sunday 23rd October - draw at 13:00 in Nottingham RC

Held under British Rowing Rules, British Rowing Rules of Racing and Row Safe