Thank you for using North Star Ballet's volunteer website! I hope this site will be a convenient way to access volunteer and production information, and sign up to help. On this site, you can:

  • visit FAQs
  • sign up to volunteer for NSB's Spring Gala & Nutcracker productions!
  • view volunteer job descriptions, instructions, and production guidelines
  • view rehearsal schedules and casting
  • view a North Star Ballet events calendar
  • share volunteer photo-moments
  • learn how to make ringlet curls
  • view everything on your mobile device

Frequently Asked Questions
Visit this page for answers to questions that always crop up. Many of us have been at it for years and forget that it's not all obvious! Once I figure out how to post comments, you can suggest additional FAQs. Until then, email me your questions and I'll find the answer if I don't know... and add common ?s to FAQs. Please read the provided documentation first :)
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Announcements & Updates
Get announcements, events, & website updates at a quick glance.

About Our Organization
Read about the North Star Ballet Volunteer Organization and get link to NSB's website.

Volunteer Info/Sign-Up
In this section, you can sign up for backstage & front-of-house volunteer jobs and to donate concessions baked goods. Sub-pages have lots of information including job descriptions & instructions, production guidelines, the parent information sheet, and even how to make ringlets!
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Rehearsals & Casting
Here you'll find current cast lists, and rehearsal & performance schedules for Hering Auditorium and for each individual Nutcracker role. 

Events Calendar
General performance-related events calendar. Please refer to the Hering and individual rehearsal schedules for details! 

Volunteer Moments
Have photos of NSB Volunteers in action? Take behind-the-scenes pictures and send me your favorites to post.
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Mr. Norman's Tribute
Links to video of Mr. Norman's Tribute Performance, program, & NewsMiner article
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Volunteer Hours Log
Please remember to keep track of your volunteer hours and enter them on the log sheets provided

Contact Info
For: the North Star Ballet School, the NSB Nutcracker tickets website, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Coordinators/Co-Coordinators for specific job areas. 
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