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Book Now for Strike Bowling Night Friday 31st May

Book now for a night of bowling, fun, food and drinks at Strike Bowling on

Friday the 31st May at 7:00pm.

This event is exclusively for Norths Squash Club Members. If you would like to join the squash club please find the application form here.

Full details, and the booking form, can be found here.

New Social Calendar Now Published

The new social calendar highlighting all of the social events that the club has planned over the next year has now been published.

You can find it here

If you have any questions, would like more information about any of the events or would like to suggest a new event to be considered, please email 

Active and upcoming tournaments and registrations

Norths Squash Club Graded Championships
Registrations are now Closed

You can find the draws for the event here.

Northern Division Mid-Year Pennant

Registrations are now Open

Pennant Commences: 10th June 2024

Grand Finals: 26th August 2024

Please go to the registrations page to register

Northern Division Spring Pennant
Pennant Commences 16th September 2024

Grand Finals 2nd December 2024

Squash at norths

Squash has long been regarded as a high intensity sport demanding endurance, speed & agility as well as tactics and cunning. But what you may not know is that squash tops a Forbes list of sports; ranked on requirements such as cardio endurance, strength, muscle endurance and flexibility to be declared as the healthiest sport!

The game can be played at any level and as long as the players are of similar standard, matches will always be competitive.

norths Squash Club is one of the oldest active clubs in Sydney and has a long, proud history. We participate in 2 main pennants during the year with smaller ones in summer and for masters players alongside the open pennants. We have also introduced an internal pennant which is shorter (6 weeks) and all games are played at norths.

A big part of playing squash at norths is the social aspect and as well as enjoying supper after our competition matches, the squash club organises dinners and social activities at various times throughout the year.

The squash courts are found inside the norths Club on Abbot Street, Cammeray NSW 2062. You must be a member of the club to book a court.

For new members interested in signing up, please download/view the following breakdown of Norths Squash Club fees: Fees explained

norths #1 Pennant Team News

Norths Squash Club participates in the Sydney Northern Division Pennant, organised by Squash NSW. Our top team competes in division 1 of this competition. Each week we will publish a match report from team captain Mike Dickens.

Note that spectators are always welcome at the home games for the #1 team and you will see some top-notch squash if you come along. The next home game is on Wednesday 13th March at 7:00pm.

Round 1 - Wednesday 21st February vs Briars Thornleigh

No.1's - Mike Dickens SportyHQ rating 1677 vs Matt Bridle rating 1743. On paper this was down as a 0-3 win for Thornleigh, with Mike suffering with a wrist injury and Matt a strong number 1. As predicted Matt took a 2-0 lead but had to work very hard for it. Mike used all of his court craft to take the next 2 games to even up but the injury proved too much in the fifth, Matt won 3-2.

Next on was no.2 Karan Rathore rating 1676 vs Kasper Cheung 1653. Fresh from his Norths Champs victory Karan was confident but up against one of the best juniors in Australia. Kasper took a tight first game but Karan came racing back with 2 quick fire games. Kasper levelled but not without Karan doing one of his trade mark leaps in the air to hit a cross court nick, unfortunately he landed awkwardly on his ankle and sustained an injury, this didn't stop him closing out the fifth but concerns are raised of an injury ravaged team.

Next on was our reserve Oli Dickens rating 1220 vs Mitchell Black 1509. Quite a gulf in rating points but Oliver went for it in the 1st game narrowly losing out 8-11. At the start of the second a slip caused a hip injury to Oliver and the show was over 3/11, 2/11. Another injury to the growing list.

Last on was Urwashi rating 1643 vs Dan Godwin 1616, in her last appearance before travelling to the UK for a couple of weeks for PSA tournaments. She looked sharp and in good form with superb control throughout taking a solid 3-0 and no injury. It went down to points and we lost out by 7 which isnt a bad result considering the match ups!! 

Thanks to the President for his support throughout the match. He looked a little lonely on the balcony and I am sure he would appreciate some more supporters to keep him company next time.

Round 2 - Wednesday 28th February vs TLC Health and Fitness

This was our first trip out to TLC and we were pleasantly surprised by the venue, glass back courts and free flowing air which is a big plus in this heat.

With Karan and Oliver out injured Mike Dickens put his tender wrist in the air to play 2 matches. Mike went on first at no.3 against Brian Botas. They have played previously in Masters comps with Mike always coming out the victor. Normal service was resumed and Mike looking after his injury wasn't in the mood for long rallies. A quick 3-0 scoreline with a lot of kills on show. 

Next up was our reserve at the last minute, always happy to play, Andres Velasquez. He came up against an ex NRL player who was strong and super fit. Andres put in a big effort to get a game but in the end went down 1-3. 

So all level. Joe Pannell our English coach was on next at no.1 against another ex NRL player, Danny Howard. Danny loves, loves to run and boy did Joe make him run. Three very entertaining games but Joe's level proved to be too good and took the spoils 3-0. 

Next up Mike again, a couple of swigs of beer to numb the pain, and back to 3 shot rallies. It did the trick and Mike raced out to 2-0 in a few minutes. 

The third became a display of who could hit the roller nick off the serve first. Point for Point all the way and David took the game 15-17. David knew that tactic was about to change in the 4th and put out his hand to concede the match to a very happy Mike. 

Norths beat TLC 3-1.

Good points away from home. Chicken wraps for dinner with the most garlicy dip we have ever encountered!

Round 3 - Wednesday 6th March vs MAASH

First on was our Columbian import, Andreas, well known on the Sydney squash circuit and always willing to play.

He was up against Victor Vo a strong no.4 in this league. Victor like many of the Maash players used home advantage to good effect. Hard hacked shots spraying all over the place was hard for Andreas to contain. Andreas had some good moments of solid sensible squash but the gap was just a bit too much, he went down 0-3. With Oliver and Karan still filling up the injury beds, Mike was next on at no.3 vs Harry Wong. A definite trait of their team was to hit hard and wild, with a woeful court and even more woeful Stellar squash ball this caught Mike by surprise and he lost the 1st 8-11, after quickly regrouping he won a quick 2nd 11-3. Feeling court sprints with clients earlier in the day the legs went heavy in the 3rd and errors allowed  Harry to slap leisure centre boasts and take it 6-11. Following a quiet word to himself Mike came back out and played classic squash to take the 4th and 5th 11-0, 11-3. 

Next on was Joe at no.1 vs a very handy Terry Hayes. Joe had been pre warned about the court and ball. 1st game 11-0 Joe, emphatic and comfortable. "How you feeling Joe?" " Yeah good but this has to be the worst court I have played on in the world". 🤣 Terry came out firing in the 2nd and we saw some extraordinary bounces that foxed Joe, 3-7, he focused and clawed it back and won the 2nd 11-9. 3rd game a couple of big rallies to begin and Terry was broken, 11-3 to Joe with the comment, "Mike please don't make me play on those courts again for the remainder of my stay here."

Last on was Mike again, at No.2 against Josh Leake. The legs were evidently stiff in the 1st and a case of getting used to Joshs' wild style were coupled with the random movement of the ball from the dodgy walls and odd bounce from the ball and Josh not knowing himself where the ball was going Mike went down 9-11. I little look in the mirror and the realisation that we needed just 2 games to win spurred Mike on to take the next 3 games and the team won 3-1. We may send in a complaint about the use of the stellar ball if anyone knows the rules if it stipulates using a Dunlop one?

If clubs can have home advantage and the use of a different ball, that they regularly use, we may surprise them in the home fixture and use a white ball!!!

Round 4 - Thursday 14th March vs Dural

Last Thursday the 1st team travelled to Dural (The Wang's residence) for the match. 1st on was a junior reserve Daniel Yanez who has just moved down from QLD. He lost out to training partner Zac Giufre. Unfortunately as Dural is on the other side of the globe the rest of the team missed that match 🤦‍♂. 

Then as we arrived Karan was ushered on at no.2 spot against junior Marcus Wang. This was Karans 1st match back from injury and he wasn't as sharp as usual. Marcus played well and took the match 3-1.

So we were 2 down, next on Mike Dickens at 3 against host Yang Wang. With his wrist in working order Mike dispatched the host in 9 minutes of coirt time 3-0. It was then all down to Joe at no.1 against Australian u19 no.1 Will Slade.

A very entertaining match unfolded but Joe just had enough to get over the line 3-1 following a roll of his ankle and a cross court dive to ensure we won on points. 

Top of the table clash against Elanora next week.

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