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We will be running a hybrid version of the Science League this year. Some events will be run live at host schools, as was done in the past following the traditional rules. Other events will be held at each individual school and will follow the same rules as under COVID:

  • Events will be run at each member school by the school's coach(es).

  • Teams will compete at their own schools on the second Tuesday of each month, plus or minus one day. (This is to allow a little flexibility for coaches with Tuesday faculty meetings, student teams with conflicts due to sports or other activities, etc.)

  • Events will be sent electronically to coaches by the Sunday evening before each meet.

  • Coaches will administer and grade/score their teams' entries on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (+Thursday if a Monday Holiday). Each team will have the standard amount of time to compete (45 minutes to 1 hour, as specified by the event runner).

  • Build events need to be able to be measured and scored using common equipment (tape measure, stopwatch, balance, etc.)

  • There will be some sort of discussion forum so coaches can discuss scoring decisions and anything else that comes up, and can make adjustments to scores accordingly.

  • Scores are due to Mike (use by Thursday evening following the meet, to allow for an approximately 24-hour discussion period.

  • Dues revert to their 2019-20 levels: $200 for the first team plus $100 per additional team (see invoices above).

  • Event descriptions for the following month need to be sent in (use by the Sunday evening after each meet.

The North Shore Science League organizes 7 meets per school year.

3 events are scheduled for each meet, and meets are held the second Tuesday of each month at various schools as close to 4:00 pm as possible. More detailed information is available from Jeff Bigler [].

The North Shore Science League stimulates interest and achievement in science, provides recognition for talented students, and fosters communication among the students and staff of North Shore high schools. Schools compete against each other in events involving building, invention, engineering, lab techniques, and application of knowledge. All areas of science are included in events during the year.