Northeast Analysis Network

Upcoming Conferences

The NAN conference series has been affected by the pandemic. The mentoring component of these conferences does not lends itself well to an online version and we have decided that, while in-person attendance is unsafe or might reasonably be perceived as unsafe by potential participants, rather than pivot to a remote format it is preferable to delay and resume in-person when possible. The next NAN conference is tentatively scheduled for September 2022 at the University at Albany. Stay tuned for more information!

Past Conferences

NAN 2019: University of Connecticut

NAN 2018: University at Albany (SUNY)

NAN 2017: Syracuse University

NAN 2016: University of Rochester


Matthew Badger, University of Connecticut

Marius Beceanu, University at Albany SUNY

Allan Greenleaf, University of Rochester

Loredana Lanzani, Syracuse University


NAN is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation