Our Mission:

To provide a social outlet and charitable organization for women living in the North Allegheny community (McCandless, Franklin Park, Marshall, Bradford Woods), connecting women through service to our community and the surrounding North Hills and North Side communities.

How we came to be:

Appropriately, an enthusiastic group of women discussed the need for a women's group in North Allegheny during a "Girls Dinner Out." The group was created after two of these women developed a plan and recruited their female neighbors in McCandless to start a group dedicated to helping needy individuals in the North Hills and northern areas of Pittsburgh and connecting women through social activities in North Allegheny. This larger group of neighborhood friends dedicated several hours to developing the group's mission. Shortly after our first meeting in April 2014, we took off running: volunteering for several non-profits in the Northern Suburbs of Pittsburgh, helping individual community members in need, and organizing social events for our group.

Goals and Purpose:

Causes that we have supported through service and resources:

North Hills Community Outreach School Supply Drive

North Hills Community Outreach Coat Drive

North Hills Community Outreach Senior Safety Drive

Living in Liberty

Nyadire Pad Empowerment Project

Wexford Healthcare Center

Treasure House Fashions

Crisis Center North

Jesus in Disguise Homeless Assistance Group

Light of Life Mission

NA Foundation

Olive Branch



Community members in need

Would you like to join us, serve our community, meet some awesome ladies, and have some fun?

If you would like more information about our group or joining us, contact us at northalleghenywomen@gmail.com.

  • Strengthen the North Allegheny community through volunteer service and financial support of various non-profit organizations in the area.
  • Establish and enhance friendship between women in the North Allegheny community through organized social and service activities.
  • Recognize, award, and encourage volunteer service and academic excellence in young women within the community.
  • Unify North Allegheny communities by building social connections across the townships within the district.
  • Support North Allegheny women in need of emotional or financial support due to hardship.