Nordic Dancers of Washington, D.C.

Velkommen! Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Velkomnir!

We are a Nordic folk dance group that was founded in 1972. The group preserves the traditions of community dance groups (folkdansgille, folkdanslag, tanhuryhmä) that were brought to this country by immigrants from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The group is composed of about twenty people, including many who were either born in one of these countries or are of Nordic descent and others who were drawn to the distinctive music and dances. The group's repertoire consists of traditional village dances, both for couples and groups, and set dances choreographed from traditional forms and figures.

The Nordic Dancers believe that everyone has something to learn, both experienced dancers and newcomers, and that learning together is part of the fun. The group provides opportunities for everyone to improve or refresh basic skills, develop new ones, and try new dance steps and dance forms. Each year brings a different set of dances while offering opportunities to do enduring favorites.

COVID-19 Safety Rules

Masks are optional. Those individuals who would prefer to dance only with other masked dancers will be accommodated insofar as it is possible.

Newcomers must show proof of vaccination. We recommend that members get the new COVID booster as soon as it is available and other immunizations as recommended by their personal physicians.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID, flu,  or other respiratory illness should stay home.

This policy may be revised to respond to changing circumstances.

Not sure what Nordic dance is? Check out this sampler of our recent performances.

Newcomers are always welcome. No partners or dance experience necessary. 

And we welcome everyone, of all ages, heritage, skill level, orientation, and gender! While many of our members have some kind of connection to the Nordic countries or cultures, not everyone does, and that's not necessary-- just an interest in dancing and learning together with us.

If you'd like to join us, drop us a line at and then join us at a session. 

Our season starts in September after Labor Day and runs through late May, usually before Memorial Day; we meet nearly every Wednesday night, but check our calendar to be sure.  New dancers are always welcome.

You can also follow us on Facebook.

Any questions? Please call 301-864-1596 or send a message to

More information is available in this informational brochure.


Looking back at the Nordic Dancers’ history: a sample of performances from the 1990’s.

Harriet Gerber, in memoriam

Harriet Gerber was born March 5, 1949 and passed away on October 29 after a long, difficult, and valiant battle against cancer. She worked as a microbiologist and a management analyst for the Federal Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services. She loved to dance and participated over her life in a variety of groups—international, Israeli, Turkish, and Scandinavian. She was an active and enthusiastic member of the Nordic Dancers of Washington, DC for thirty-five years and also attended Scandia, DC and MAND. She went to numerous dance camps and festivals. She also loved travel and visited Norway and Thailand, among other places.

The Nordic Dancers miss and fondly celebrate Harriet.

Pascal A. Peterson

The Nordic Dancers remember our dear friend and teacher, Pascal A. Peterson, who shared with us his lifelong experience and joy in dancing. Rest in peace, Pascal.