Thanks for visiting! My name is Eleanor "Nora" Mattern and I hold a joint appointment at the University of Pittsburgh as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the iSchool and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Scholarship Services at the University Library System. I earned my PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2014.

My research interests are rooted in issues of ownership, namely the ownership of information and cultural heritage. It is an area of focus that stems from my undergraduate study at Lehigh University, when I first embarked on an examination of repatriation and the role of documentation in settling disputes surrounding cultural objects. As a doctoral student at the iSchool at Pitt, I began to investigate ownership in the context of government records. In this research, I examine the distinguishing line between government records and personal records and the tensions, controversies, debates, and ambiguities that surround this distinction.

As a researcher and information steward, I have developed a growing interest in and commitment to research data curation. In my role at the University Library System, I am project lead for the Research Data Management Working Group, which is working to build library research data management services for our users. With a team of researchers from the iSchool and the University Library System, I am currently engaged in research that aims to learn about researchers' data-related challenges and recommendations for research data services. Find our poster contribution to the International Digital Curation Conference 2015 that reports on early stages of this research here.

This site overviews my research and teaching. Please contact me at and find my Google Scholar page here.