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Many Hindus are vegetarians AND abstain from eating onions and garlic. This can be tough. It requires reading many labels. It requires patience and a running list of what we can and cannot eat. Fear not, this site is here to help. We list products (that many people may simply overlook) that are hard to find but can help out in our dietary needs. This list is meant to be a place to share. Please add anything you may find in the comments section and we will put it in the list (add your name and we will give you the glory and kudos for finding the item).

While hours of label reading and grocery store research has bought us this treasure trove of yummy goodness. Remember: things change. Manufacturers change their recipes, distributors change their goods, so nothing is set in stone. We need your help to keep up with changes. If you see something that needs updating let us know. Again feedback at the bottom of the list.

We also have a list of products that people have sent in that they and we are not sure of. What does that mean? Glad you ask. There is some material at the end of the list talking about what it all means. Thanks for sharing - Jai Swaminarayan.

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A Quick Word About Enzymes

Restaurant Depot sources it's mozzarella cheese from Leprino. This is what they have to say about enzymes.

June 6, 2014


This is to clarify questions concerning Leprino Foods Dairy Products Company products.  Apart from the milk used, no other ingredients of animal origin are used.  The enzyme used for our products is a microbial fermentation ingredient that is approved by the FDA, called Chy-max.  It is not an animal (beef or pork) derived rennet.  

Chy-max conforms to all pertinent provisions of the latest amendment to the U.S. Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 CFR 184.1685) a Direct Food Additive generally recognized as safe by the FDA.


Quality Assurance

Leprino Foods Dairy Products Company  


Why no onions and no garlic?