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NK! The International Social Club for Childfree Couples and Singles.

Welcome To the Minneapolis & St. Paul Chapter of No Kidding!

Do you have less in common with your long-time friends now that they have children?

Do you find that your parenting friends have become more involved in other social circles such as school sports and other activities?

Do you want to meet new people?

If yes, then No Kidding is what you've been looking for!

No Kidding is not an anti-children group. The group was formed in order to assist those who wish to remain child-free with making new friends and enjoying child-free social activities.


The google ads on this website are not endorsed by, affiliated with or related to our group

The Mpls/St. Paul No Kidding chapter is only affiliated with the National No Kidding organization. We are not affiliated with any other child free group, meetup group or any anti-child groups.