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Collected By Death by Gnocchi (#978656)                                                                                                  Upkeep by: noinamg (#1129056)

Contact Death by Gnocchi if you know of a mallbot that needs to be investigated or have a complaint.

Up-To-Date as of: 11/14/10                                                                                                                               Latest Addition: 11/14/10

Latest additions are colored light blue

Added /baleet for copy-and-paste convenience

Some of these character names may be invalid; but they are left on here intentionally because when they go inactive, sometimes they just get remade with the same name.

Green names are disputed. But we recommend that you still /baleet them; we feel that if they have failed the mallbot test more than once they should be treated as such.

Baleet at your own discretion, these are merely suggestions.

/baleet Abbddull
/baleet abcdefghijk
/baleet alphabits
/baleet argus5
/baleet assdog1
/baleet babaraccus
/baleet BankOfClon
/baleet BeFlamez
/baleet Black_N_Blue
/baleet blechy
/baleet ButterBot
/baleet cardinal_fang
/baleet cayte
/baleet Chefdeath
/baleet CrimsonClover
/baleet cromebot
/baleet Dawn Quixote
/baleet Dont Jive Me Brown
/baleet Dread Lobster
/baleet Elwrongd
/baleet Enkido
/baleet food_seller
/baleet G7EXmS
/baleet gert1492
/baleet greenday9315
/baleet harpsychord
/baleet Heart Sick At KOL
/baleet Hope Diamond
/baleet hyacinth
/baleet jachyra
/baleet JayTay
/baleet Kinks
/baleet kva
/baleet LexLoather
/baleet lil puke in con3
/baleet Lluddbba
/baleet Lost in Spunk
/baleet loves deceit
/baleet M411807
/baleet MallPheonixUK
/baleet mariachi69
/baleet MarinaraMagician
/baleet marlboro
/baleet Master Distiller
/baleet Meatz
/baleet Migglepuffin
/baleet MMGKING
/baleet mr_christmastree
/baleet Mundania
/baleet mungalo
/baleet muskratlove
/baleet NoobMachine
/baleet Nordberg
/baleet notahobo
/baleet nylan
/baleet OhEyeSeeYouAteOneToo
/baleet OridinaryShoe
/baleet Papa Toots
/baleet pastaShaft
/baleet Potemkin
/baleet pringlesguy
/baleet Quamgced
/baleet schmazing
/baleet SeriousSam
/baleet sevensins
/baleet Shabadoo Buggywhip
/baleet shinmegamitensai
/baleet SilverBullet
/baleet Silly Goose
/baleet SoftlyQuilted
/baleet SolidSnake98
/baleet SpunkBot
/baleet Spunkey
/baleet SuperFreaky
/baleet Tiny Tuttles
/baleet toxicwind
/baleet unknownblanket
/baleet VB_Bot
/baleet xanth
/baleet Zimba

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