Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory

The Self  |  How do we attribute agency to our actions?

Choice Overload  |  Why do we suffer from too much choice?

Capacity Limits  |  How does our brain master complexity?

Learning  |  Do personality and self-perception matter? 

Using psychophysics and functional brain imaging in healthy subjects and in neuro-psychiatric patients, the Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory (NoCo-Lab; formerly NOD Lab) contributes to answering these questions. READ ABOUT OUR RESEARCH PROJECTS


  • Check our latest preprint at bioRxiv: "Lying in a 3T MRI Scanner Induces Neglect-Like Spatial Attention Bias" by Axel Lindner, Daniel Wiesen and Hans-Otto Karnath [pub]

  • Erola Pons presents a poster on "The Sense of Self in Depresonalization & Meditation" at the Psychologie & Gehirn 2021 meeting in Tübingen.

  • Teresa Kohler was awarded a "Promotionskolleg" stipend by the medical faculty of our University. Teresa will probe new strategies to improve working memory function in early dementia. Her thesis is inspired by earlier fMRI-work of our lab on cognitive aging by Melanie Höller-Wallscheid [pub].