Node 90911 KA2JAI-R

Node 90911 KA2JAI-R is active on the Annapolis MD repeater KB3CMA on 442.300+ 107.2.  The node is sometimes temporarily switched to other repeaters in the area for local events or in simplex mode for testing.  Lengthy temporary connections to other repeaters and planned down times are posted on this page.

The ARRL MDC Section-Wide Echolink Net is heard on 3rd Fridays at 2000 local on the KB3CMA repeater.  The net is active for up to one hour.  All amateur radio operators are welcome to check into the net on the repeater.  If you wish to check in, listen for check-ins to be requested on the KA2JAI repeater.  The node callsign is used by net control, not the KB3CMA repeater callsign.

A monthly REACT net is conducted on the KB3CMA repeater on 1st Sundays at 1930 local.  Some of the participants check in on node 90911.  Non-REACT members may check in to the net when directed by net control.

The KB3CMA repeater is jointly-owned by the  Anne Arundel Radio Club and the Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club.

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