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Proposal #1: Marked for Death

Proposal #2: Centralized Proposal Depository 

Proposal #3: Inducible tract-specific spinal cord injury

Suggestion #1: Take the 'preclinical' out of animal testing 

Suggestion #2: Public Contribution Rating

Suggestion #3: Crowdsource CRISP

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Have you ever had a great idea along the lines of:
An innovative approach to answering a scientific question?
An ingenious insight that you wonder if someone else out there has already come up with?

Do you hold onto that idea so that you can explore it on your own when you get the chance, maybe years down the road? Does this great idea become your lottery ticket to personal fame and fortune? Like lotteries in general, this is a pipe dream. Much worse, it deprives society of benefiting from your good idea right now.

SCIEnCEShare Collaborative Ideas, Enact Cooperative Efforts – is part of the growing movement dedicated to encouraging public sharing of testable ideas. Not just ideas, but plans of action – ideas will be developed into specific, step-by-step proposals via Wiki-inspired community editing. A new system for attributing credit will be used to distribute funding for SCIEnCE projects. The projects outlined by these collaboratively written proposals will be tackled with a cooperative experimental approach.

Society will benefit much more from the ensuing scientific and medical progress than any individual could benefit from the prestige of doing it first and doing it alone.  

Please click on some of the links here to learn more about how SCIEnCE is attempting to establish a feasible mechanism for turning this idealistic goal into reality.