Welcome to my new Website!

My name is Eric Silverthorn and my amateur radio callsign is NM5M.  I was first licensed in 1976 and am a CW and contesting enthusiast.

For HF I use an Elecraft K3 and occasionally an AL 811 amplifier that provides 400 watts output.  
Although I am not active on UHF and above the following link will take you to a few projects that I worked on.  Project Photos

I live in a deed restricted community so I have to use indoor antennas on 6 meters and up.  My HF antenna is a stealth dipole that lays on my roof for 80m, and a Cushcraft R6000 for 10-20m.  On 40m I use a homebrew short vertical, 25 ft that is base loaded with two elevated radials.

Ham Radio has been a very important part of my life as it directed me into a technical career.  I own a company called Semaphore Mobile which designs custom application software for handheld devices such as iPhone, Android.  We also produce software for industrial communication requirements using GSM technology.

I would like to use this site to share both technical and education information to the ham radio community.  I will occasionally post information on projects I am working on as well as instructional material on learning CW.
  How To Learn CW