About Us

    The Steel Bridge Team is comprised of undergraduate civil engineering students who must work together as a whole through three different phases. The phases are: design & testing, fabrication, and finally the competitive assembly against teams from other schools on both the regional and national levels.
    The requirements of the competition historically is to construct a 1/10 scale bridge that must span an obstacle, normally a river or an environmentally sensitive area. The obstacle, by rules, is usually off limits for the construction team during the competition, which forces the Steel Bridge Team to use their imaginations to innovate creative member connections, tools, and construction techniques in order to abide by the rules. Both the Metro Region and National Competitions are judged by structural efficiency and construction economy; where the weight of the bridge, the number of the team members used to build the bridge, and the center deflection (measured electronically) of the bridge under a specified load are converted into a dollar value. So the ideal bridge to win would be very lightweight yet strong structure that is assembled as quickly as possible and with as few team members as possible.
    Whether freshman or seniors, the Steel Bridge Team members learn valuable professional skills such as; working in a group environment, leadership skills, time management, problem solving skills, communication skills with faculty, vendors, donors, and the community. All of these skills are being sharpened while the students are applying their education to a real hands on physical problem.