Valuation Challenge 2022

Northern Illinois University's premier organization within the exceptional College of Business, NIU Investment Association, is proud to announce this year's VIRTUAL NIUIA Valuation Challenge. Participating teams of top students in schools potentially worldwide select and investigate the hypothetical merger of two publicly traded firms belonging to an assigned industry. In the Challenge's 1st round, teams submit a written report containing a thorough industry and company analysis which considers both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the deal as well as the ramifications for the companies involved. Teams advancing to the Challenge's second round will submit a pre-recorded presentation and then later will defend their strategy to the live virtual full board of NIUIA judges and members.


  • February 4, 2022: Teams are notified by email of the selected industry

  • February 11, 2022: Registration deadline (free! see below)

  • March 4, 2022: First round written report due

  • March 14, 2022: Teams advancing to the second round are notified by email

  • March 25, 2022: Prerecorded second round team presentations due

  • April 2, 2022: Second round team live Q&A to NIUIA members virtually via Zoom


  • 1st Place: $200/person

  • 2nd Place: $100/person


  • Learn skills relevant to all professions and educational tracks

  • Develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills

  • Learn about risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing

  • Develop and apply critical thinking and reading skills throughout the competition

  • Enhance your college and scholarship applications by building your résumé

Getting Started

  • The first step is for all teachers/advisors and students involved in the competition to register here below. Registration is free.

  • NIUIA officers are willing to schedule a school visit to explain this opportunity if desired.

  • Submit information release waiver for all the participants signed by parents or legal guardians to Dr. Gina Nicolosi at within 3 days of submitting an application

Questions or comments? Please reach out to our NIU Investment Association President at or our Faculty Advisor and Finance Department Chair, Dr. Gina Nicolosi, at

Thank you and we look forward to having you on campus this Spring! Get excited and best of luck.

NIUIA High School Valuation Challenge 2022.pdf
RulesfortheCompetition 2022.pdf
NIUIA Publicity Consent and Release Form.pdf
Valuation Challenge Demo.mp4
Valuation Challenge Submission How To.mp4