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I'm interested in the theory of computation at large, and theory of cryptography in particular.

I completed my Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University where I was advised by Ran Canetti.
I then spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at MIT CSAIL hosted by Vinod Vaikuntanathan.

News: I am looking for postdocs. If you're interested click here.


        Email: nirbitan at tau dot ac dot il
        Office: Schreiber 123


        Multi-Collision Resistance: A Paradigm for Keyless Hash Functions
         with Yael Tauman Kalaiand Omer Paneth
        STOC 2018   PDF

        Verifiable Random Functions from Non-Interactive Witness-Indistinguishable Proofs
        TCC 2017    PDF        

        Structure vs Hardness through the Obfuscation Lens
           with Akshay Degwekar and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
        CRYPTO 2017   PDF        

        On Removing Graded Encodings from Functional Encryption
           with Huijia Lin and Omer Paneth 
        EUROCRYPT 2017   PDF
        A Note on Perfect Correctness by Derandomization
           with Vinod Vaikuntanathan
        EUROCRYPT 2017   PDF

        From Cryptomania to Obfustopia through Secret-Key Functional Encryption
           with Ryo NishimakiAlain Passelègue, and Daniel Wichs
        TCC 2016B   PDF

        3-Message Zero Knowledge against Human Ignorance
        TCC 2016B    PDF               
        Time-Lock Puzzles from Randomized Encodings
        ITCS 2016    PDF      
        Indistinguishability Obfuscation: from Approximate to Exact
           with Vinod Vaikuntanathan
        TCC 2016A   PDF    
        Perfect Structure on the Edge of Chaos
           with Omer Paneth and Daniel Wichs
        TCC 2016A     PDF

        Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Functional Encryption
           with Vinod Vaikuntanathan
        FOCS 2015    PDF    

        On the Cryptographic Hardness of Finding a Nash Equilibrium
         with Omer Paneth and Alon Rosen
        FOCS 2015    PDF
        Succinct Randomized Encodings and their Applications
        with Sanjam GargHuijia LinRafael Pass, and Sidharth Telang  
        STOC 2015    PDF
        Merge of [BGT] and [LP]
        ZAPs and Non-Interactive Witness-Indistinguishability from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
         with Omer Paneth
        TCC 2015    PDF

        On Virtual Grey Box Obfuscation for General Circuits
         with Ran CanettiYael Tauman Kalaiand Omer Paneth
        CRYPTO 2014,    Algorithmica 2016     Draft

        The Impossibility of Obfuscation with Auxiliary Input or a Universal Simulator
        CRYPTO 2014    PDF     
        Merge of [BCPR] and [CGK]      

        Leakage-Tolerant Computation with Input-Independent Preprocessing
        with Dana Dachman-Soled and Huijia Lin
        CRYPTO 2014    PDF   
        On the Existence of Extractable One-Way Functions
         with Ran CanettiOmer Paneth, and Alon Rosen
        STOC 2014,    Siam Journal on Computing 2016     Draft 
        Merge of [BCP] and [BCPR]      

        Obfuscation for Evasive Functions
         with Boaz BarakRan Canetti Yael Tauman KalaiOmer Paneth, and Amit Sahai
        TCC 2014    PDF
        Why "Fiat-Shamir for Proofs" Lacks a Proof
        with Dana Dachman-Soled, Sanjam Garg, Abhishek Jain, Yael Tauman Kalai, Adriana Lopez-Alt, and Daniel Wichs  
        TCC 2013
        Merge of [BGW] and [DJKL]

        Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments via Linear Interactive Proofs
        with Alessandro ChiesaYuval Ishai, Rafail OstrovskyOmer Paneth
        TCC 2013    PDF
        Recursive Composition and Bootstrapping for SNARKs and Proof-Carrying Data
         with Ran CanettiAlessandro ChiesaEran Tromer
        STOC 2013    PDF        

        On the Impossibility of Approximate Obfuscation and Applications to Resettable Cryptography
         with Omer Paneth
        STOC 2013    (subsumed by Siam Journal on Computing 2015    Draft) 

        From the Impossibility of Obfuscation to a New Non-Black-Box Simulation Technique
        with Omer Paneth 
        FOCS 2012,    Siam Journal on Computing 2015    Draft

        Succinct Arguments from Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs and their Efficiency Benefits
        with  Alessandro Chiesa 
        CRYPTO 2012    PDF

        Leakage-Tolerant Interactive Protocols
        with Ran Canetti and Shai Halevi
        TCC 2012    PDF
        Point Obfuscation and 3-Message Zero Knowledge
        with Omer Paneth
        TCC 2012    PDF

        The Hunting of the SNARK    
        Journal of Cryptology 2016    PDF
        Preliminary version: From Extractable Collision Resistance to Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge, and Back Again
        with Ran Canetti, Alessandro Chiesa, Eran Tromer
        ITCS 2012

        Program Obfuscation with Leaky Hardware
        with Ran Canetti, Shafi Goldwasser, Shai Halevi, Yael Tauman Kalai, Guy N. Rothblum
        ASIACRYPT 2011    PDF

        On Strong Simulation and Composable Point Obfuscation
        with Ran Canetti
        CRYPTO 2010,    Journal of Cryptology 2013    PDF

        Getting Inside the Adversary's Head: New Directions in Non-Black-Box Knowledge Extraction
        Tel Aviv University 2015    PDF

Some Videotaped Talks

        A Reduction from Flying Pigs to Jumping Pigs (IAS, March '17)

        Program Obfuscation: The Power of Unreadable Code (UW Colloquia, April '16) 

           Time-Lock Puzzles from Randomized Encodings (Simons Institute, July '15)

Program Committees    

        Eurocrypt                                             2019, 20182017        

        FOCS                                                  2018                                                        

        Public Key Cryptography                     2017

        Theory of Cryptography Conference   20172016A2015


        Foundations of Cryptography                Fall 2017