I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Rice University, and a CEPR Research Affiliate.

My research area is microeconomic theory, in particular information economics, political economy, auctions and social learning. 

Most of my work centers around multidimensional information acquisition: how individuals decide about what to learn in varying strategic environments.

You can find my CV here.

email: nina.bobkova[at]rice.edu

Publications / forthcoming

Information Choice in Auctions, American Economic Review, July 2024, 114(7), (lead article) [Online Appendix] 

Local Evidence and Diversity in Minipublics (with Arjada Bardhi), Journal of Political Economy, August 2023, 131(9)  [Online Appendix]

Optimal Group Testing with Heterogeneous Risks (with Ying Chen and lya Eraslan), Economic Theory, June 2023

Two-Dimensional Information Acquisition in Social Learning (with Helene Mass), Journal of Economic Theory, June 2022 (202)

Asymmetric Budget Constraints in a First-Price Auction, Journal of Economic Theory, March 2020 (186)

Working Papers


Two-Dimensional Information Choice in Committees [new working paper coming soon!]

Persuading an Informed Committee (with Saskia Klein)