I am a Senior Data Scientist at Netflix, Los Gatos (CA). My research interests include Machine Learning and applications. I am also an Action Editor of the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

In the past I have held positions as Senior Data Scientist at Adobe Research in San Jose, CA (2014-2017), Principal Investigator at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Luxembourg (2010-2014), Principal Scientist in OneTree Solutions, Luxembourg (2010-2012), Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Crete, Greece (2007-2010), and Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2001-2007). I received my diploma (1993) and PhD (1998) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

My Erdős number is 3, my Bacon number is 4, and my Kasparov number is 3.

Contact: nikos.vlassis@gmail.com