I am a PhD candidate in Macroeconomics at the University of Amsterdam and the Tinbergen Institute. My advisor is Roel Beetsma

My research is focused on the insurance provided by pension systems and the labor supply distortions embedded in pension arrangements.  

In my job market paperI compare pay-as-you-go pension arrangements that link a person's pension benefits to her labor earnings history (notional defined contribution (NDC) and defined benefit systems (DB)) with those that do not (flat benefit systems (FL)) in terms of long run macroeconomic outcomes and welfare. I show that, because under the FL system pension benefits do not reflect previous earnings and, hence, the labor supplied by a person and the earnings shocks received while working, this system promotes the lowest labor supply, but also the lowest consumption inequality and generally leads to the highest capital accumulation. Using a model calibrated on the US economy, I obtain that welfare is the highest in the steady state with the FL pension system: the better insurance provided by the system and the higher capital accumulation dominate the higher labor supply distortions.

For more information about my research and my education, please read my CV