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    I am a CNRS researcher in theroretical physics in the Complex Quantum Systems      group, at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in Paris.

    This page contains some material about my work. If you are interested,
    please feel free to contact me !

    cherroret at lkb.upmc.fr

Research interests

Mesoscopic atom optics in random potentials
With the recent progresses in atom optics, it is now possible to experimentally explore the behavior of cold atomic gases in optical potentials
in a highly controlled manner. In this context, I study salient manifestations of atomic interference in random potentials, such as coherent backscattering or Anderson localization.

Interplay between disorder and interactions in atomic gases
The physics of disordered atomic gases becomes very rich when interactions are included in the picture. I investigate the competition between disorder-induced interference and  interactions, with special interest in 2D/3D systems and out-of-equilibrium scenarios.

Electromagnetic waves in disordered media
Properties of light waves in disorder differ from those of matter waves such as electrons or atoms. For instance, the different dispersion relation of photons can lead to a drastic reduction of the transport velocity in disordered media. Even more, the vector nature of light
challenges the very existence of Anderson localization.

Casimir physics in heterogeneous environments
In vacuum, materials brought close to each other experience an attractive Casimir force. I explore its properties in spatially heterogeneous materials. This question is important for experimental realizations of quantum reflection from Casimir-Polder potentials, and more generally for any measurement of the Casimir force.

Short CV

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2013 - Today       CNRS researcher (CR)
2012 - 2013          Postdoc
(Laboratoire Kastler Brossel

2009 - 2012         Postdoc
(Universität Freiburg, Alexander von Humboldt-

2005 - 2009         Master in condensed matter physics (Université Joseph Fourier)
                                   Ph.D. in theoretical physics (LPMMC, UJF) 
2006 - 2009        Engineering graduate school (Institut National Polytechnique de