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The eighth installment in the Law of the Lycans series


They are FINALLY here!  
Paperbacks and hardcovers of all Nicky Charles' books are now available!

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In The Cards (written with Jan Gordon):  https://www.createspace.com/6018772
The hardcovers can be ordered from Amazon, B&N as well as most brick and mortar stores.  They were printed through Ingramspark and have no direct buy link at this time.
If at all possible, please buy paperbacks through Createspace. Here's why:
Createspace sets the minimum price I can charge based on production costs plus the profit margin they want. Amazon then adds on their profit margin. Other stores, such as B&N, require a discount (between 30-50%) before they will carry the books. In the end, I earn about 3% royalties (e.g., 50 cents) on books purchased from B&N or other stores, 15% on books bought at Amazon and 30% royalties on books from Createspace.

Now Available....
In the Cards

Hello readers!
My good friend and editor,Jan Gordon, and I having been working together on a small project set in a new universe.  It is based around guardian angels - not a shifter in sight! The end result of our collaboration is a Christmas novella entitled, In t
he Cards.  It's full of love, angst, suspense and, of course, ends as all good stories should, with a satisfying HEA. There are also two bonus short stories included at the end.

We hope you enjoy it! 

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Only .99!


The most recent Law of the Lycans novel....

(available at most ebook retailers)

Elijah Stone – a man committed to justice; his heart is as hard as his body. 

Held prisoner for years, he returns home to tie up loose ends only to find a psychedelic witch capturing his attention.  When a rescue mission to Central America spins out of control, he’s forced to make a difficult decision.  Every action has its own consequences.  Can he live with the results, even if it is

‘For the good of all’? 

The seventh instalment in the Law of the Lycans series.


Price Tags on my ebooks

After several years of writing and publishing stories for free, I am beginning to charge for my book. I've thought very hard on this and feel, at this point in my life, it is what I need to do.

The reason for the shift is three fold.  First, I'm getting very close to retirement and with changes in the economy my nice pension might not stretch as far as it would have a few years ago.  The other day the newscast was predicting 30-40% increase in electricity rates in the next few years.  Yikes!  I need to be able to afford to plug in my laptop!  And sometimes I wonder if the good Lord is saying, "You fool! I gave you this opportunity to make some money so you wouldn't go without in your old age.  Why aren't you taking it?!?!"  LOL 

Secondly, I'm also starting to incur some expenses with this 'hobby'.  Hiring a line editor so I can get the books out in paperback, paying for images for the covers, buying a domain name, giveaways...  It adds up and hopefully the books can 'pay their way'. 

Finally, I have this crazy idea that I'd like to help my local animal shelter get a new building and expand their spay/neuter program. The current location is awful.  The kennels are old and look more like jails and the building is way too small - they just don't have enough room to keep very many animals and way too many are euthanized needlessly simple because they have no place to house them.  If I can make enough money with my books, I might be able to help out in meaningful way.


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