I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Honors College and currently serving as the interim chair of FAU's Philosophy Department. I earned a PhD in philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis in Spring 2015. Although I am interested in most philosophical issues, my primary research is in ancient philosophy, ethics, and the connection between the two. 

With Sarah Malanowski, I recently completed Why It's OK to be a Gamer (Routledge). The book provides a virtue theoretic defense of the gamer lifestyle. It guards gaming against common objections, such as gaming is violent, addictive, and a waste of time. We are now developing an edited collection tentatively titled Virtue Theory and Video Games: Level Up Your Character that looks at virtue theory and video games in a little more detail. Soon, I intend to develop a philosophical interpretation of Plato's normative theory in the Laws.

Before entering WUSTL, I earned an MA in Philosophy at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a BA in Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). While at UNI, I was a varsity member of their NCAA Division 1 wrestling team. Besides wrestling, I also enjoy other grappling sports such as Judo and BJJ, playing video games, was lucky enough to have the world's greatest dog, and am now blessed with the greatest cat--what luck!

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You can contact me at NichBaima [at] Gmail [dot] com