Every individual Watch requires a coordinator who administers the scheme that is set up for that particular area or street.
The coordinator provides the communication link between their Watch and the local Police, Council, Community Groups and other Watches.
The coordinator will be asked to attend regular meetings of the Rugby Borough Neighbourhood Watch to interact with other coordinators and the Executive Committee.
This interaction could be about burglars operating in the area, bogus callers and door to door salespeople.  It could also be about drug dealing, abandoned cars, etc.
For more information, please use our contact page to get in touch.
Every piece of useful information can be fed to the police or other enforcement agencies to assist in the reduction of crime and also the fear of crime.

About Our Organisation

We are a voluntary organisation and support group run purely by volunteers for and on behalf of local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

Become a Volunteer

Please contact us to become a volunteer and help to promote Neighbourhood Watch in the .Rugby Borough, including outlying villages.

Service Opportunities

Rugby Borough Neighbourhood Watch provides support for Street Watches and we can assist in setting up new Watches in the area helping to protect vulnerable people and we would appreciate volunteers to join us and help reduce the fear of crime.