GENESIS: The Creation of Pixel depicts the birth of a new era

The works in PHOTOREALISM RETHOUGHT are digital photos that have been manipulated in photo editing software on a computer. The aim of this project is to rethink Photorealism from the side of photography. Instead of paintings masquerading as photographs, these images attempt the reverse. Through a series of adjustments and filters, the results are intended to stylistically resemble as closely as possible Photorealist paintings from the 1970s that were made with watercolor or gouache. 

100 PHOTOS is a group of images from the previous year. 


10 examples + 7 categories + 11 contributors. An educational website that exists between fact and fiction. 

Bears, Cowboys, Minotaurs, and Republicans is series that humorously explores certain aspects of gay culture and a select group of American conservative politicians. 

22 PHOTOGRAPHS: 2011 04 29 - 2011 05 20 is a series of images from San Francisco, New York, and one very special photograph from Knoxville, TN. 

10 short videos: ranging from tongue-in-cheek to homages to sci-fi/horror thrillers. 


The ten artists in this exhibition accepted an invitation to create a work of art using Sarah Palin as its theme. 

The photographs making up Folsom+Dore span approximately five years. They were taken during the annual street fairs in San Francisco called Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley Fair (two events that are highlights on the leather/S&M community’s calendar).

Light and fog documents moments with friends in bars in the Castro and South of Market in San Francisco.