Contact School Officials

To contact PENS: email us at NewtonExcellence [at] gmail [dot] com.

To contact school administrators:

David Fleishman, Superintendent

Toby N. Romer, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education

Newton North High School

Mark Aronson, Principal   617-559-6340 

Jonathan Bassett, History Department Chair


Newton South High School

Joel Stembridge, Principal           

Jennifer Morrill, History Dept. Chair                                 









 School Committee members (all)
 617-559-6110 (messages)                       phone numbers and email for      individual School Committee    members are here

 Mayor Setti Warren

 When contacting public officials,    please keep in mind that all e-mail is  a public record and subject to the    requirements of the Public Records  Law. G.L.c.66.