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Welcome to the Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools (PENS) website! We hope you will find the site informative and that what you read here inspires you to take action - an email, a phone call, or a conversation with your children or neighbors - about inaccurate and biased class material used in public schools in Newton, Massachusetts and other communities.

Our goal is to ensure that material presented to student as factual is accurate and non-biased. We do not object to material advocating a particular philosophy or point of view so long as its source and inherent bias is disclosed to students and the material is utilized as example of bias or for discussion purposes, and is presented with material from a contrary view. That is not the case in Newton right now

Unfortunately, the issue of inaccurate and biased material is not limited to Newton schools. Much of the objectionable material used in Newton is also used in other schools in Massachusetts and throughout the country. 

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Links to Class Material

If you're looking for class material used in Newton schools, they are in two places:

(1)  The material analyzed in the Verity Educate Report (described below) is hereThe material is lettered to correspond to the Report's analysis. A much shorter summary of Verity Educate's analysis, prepared by PENS, is here.

See what the Report (available for no charge here) or the PENS summary has to say about what you're reviewing.  Or view examples of anti-Israel, and anti-semitic material, including altered primary source documents, here.

Please note that although some of the material analyzed in the Report was obtained by the organization Americans for Peace and Tolerance ("APT") and is marked as such, neither Verity Educate nor PENS has any association with APT other than sharing student material.

(2)  Additional material not included in the Report is here

Please view reports and articles by Verity Educate, CAMERA, the ADL, PENS, and other organizations for an analysis of these materials. Note that these reports only concern materials currently used by NPS students, not materials removed after parental protest.

Some material, including a grossly inaccurate and biasedSaudi-funded text called the Arab World Studies Notebook and a (now defunct) hate-filled website called Flashpoints were removed from Newton schools due to pressure from PENS and local residents.

The school department also agreed to 'white out' a statement in the book A Muslim Primer claiming the Catholic church was "reconsidering polygamy as a Christian option".  The Newton North High School History Chair acknowledged the statement "might be misleading".

However, a great deal of inaccurate and biased material, including anti-Israel and arguably anti-semitic material, remains in use. This material is not used as a basis for discussion or to compare different points of view, but is presented as factual.

Some material is altered in a manner which changes its original meeting. For example, speeches are given titles which do not reflect their content and and students given inaccurate 'facts' about the context of the speech. Other material is edited in a deceptive manner. One version of the Palestinian National Charter omits Article 2 (stating that all of 'Palestine' is Arab land) and re-numbers the remaining Articles to hide this fact. This is unacceptable in any school or academic environment.  

Verity Educate Report

The education research group Verity Educate works to ensure that students have access to accurate and unbiased resources. Verity Educate is independent and non-political; it is not associated with any other organization including PENS. 

In September 2014, Verity Educate published an extensive Reportan alyzing material used in Newton high school World History classes. 

None of the material analyzed in the Report  was used for discussion or comparison purposes; all were purported to be accurate and neutral. 

The Verity Educate Report was produced completely independently of PENS or any other organization.  PENS did not commission the Report and did not pay Verity Educate for its work. Our only contribution was providing a small amount of material to Verity Educate.

The Report found numerous inaccuracies, overt bias, and evidence of academic dishonesty including deceptively edited primary source documents, the failure to disclose the source of material produced by extremist organizations, and the use of a handout derived from discredited sources such as a radical Islamist* website and a 1960's-era Saudi oil company public relations brochure.

Not all the material analyzed was inaccurate or biased. Of the twenty-six documents examined, sixteen contained significant inaccuracies or biases which, in our opinion, renders them unsuitable for student use.

Verity Educate evaluates material solely on its educational accuracy, not on the views of the author or publisher. For example, the Report notes that a book by John L. Esposito, "Islam: The Straight Path" is a "well accepted in the scholarly community" and that despite the author's personal activities in supporting boycotts against Israeli academics and defending radical Islamist theory, they do not effect that particular book.

The Report is available free of charge from the Verity Educate website. A summary of findings on individual texts, prepared by PENS, is here.

Update May, 2017: It is now over 2 1/2 years after the Report was published and Newton Public Schools (NPS) officials still refuse to review it. There is no valid reason for the refusal; administrators simply do not want to admit that neglecting their responsibility to review class material has resulted in the provision of grossly inaccurate and biased texts to students in certain classes.

Reports by CAMERA

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), a Boston-based media research organization, has published several articles about Newton schools. They are available here.

To all Readers

We need your help to overcome the school administration's disregard for educational accuracy and its tolerance of inaccurate and overtly biased material, including material which fails to meet the most basic educational standards.  While some of this material (the Arab World Studies Notebook and Flashpoints) has been removed from use, most remains.

Other organizations including the Fordham Foundation for Educational Excellence,  Jewish Telegraph AgencyThe Textbook League, and American Jewish Committee have issued reports on specific items of material used in Newton classrooms. These findings have been published in newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times, Metrowest NewsTimes of Israel, Baltimore Reporter, and JointMedia News Service.

Please email or call Superintendent David Fleishman, the School Committee, and Mayor Setti Warren and tell them that you want the History Department Chairs of both high schools to review the Verity Educate Report and CAMERA articles, and stop the use of inaccurate, deceptively edited, and biased material. Students tell us that this material is NOT used to "illustrate bias" or for discussion purposes but as purported "fact".

Contact information is here. A 'bcc' to NewtonExcellence@gmail.org would be appreciated.

We also need people to help spread the word about biased, inaccurate, and anti-Israel/anti-semitic class material used in high schools in Newton, MA and throughout the nation. Most parents are not aware that their children are learning from inadequate or objectionable sources, and most students do not have the knowledge or awareness to challenge their teacher's choice of material.  Even if you only have a couple of hours for a one-time project, we can use your help. Write us at NewtonExcellence@gmail.com.

* Please note the distinction between Islamic and Islamist. Describing a source as "Islamic" simply means that it is related to the religion Islam and does not connote any type of extremism or radicalism. The word "Islamist" refers to a radical or extreme version of Islam which seeks to replace current political systems with a government based on Islamic law as practiced during the time of Mohammad. This is the goal of ISIS and similar groups.