Welcome to the Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools (PENS) website! We hope you will find the site informative and that what you read here inspires you to take action - an email, a phone call, or a conversation with your children - about inaccurate and biased class material used in public schools in Newton, Massachusetts.

In September, 2014 the education research group Verity Educate published an extensive report detailing anti-Israel, and at times anti-semitic, falsehoods in Newton high school World History classes. The report also found numerous inaccuracies and academic dishonesty, including the deceptive editing of primary source documents.

Other organizations, including the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Stand with Us, have also issued research reports and opinions outlining the use of inaccurate and anti-Israel materials in Newton schools. These findings have been published in newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times, Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, Baltimore Reporter, Times of Israel, New English Review, and Jewish News Service.  

The report is available free of charge from Verity Educate. The material referenced in the report is at www.scribd.com/NewtonExcellence.

Eight months after the Verity Educate report was issued, and despite extensive media coverage, Newton Public Schools (NPS) officials have refused to respond to or even read its findings. We need your help to overcome the school administration's disregard for educational accuracy and it's tolerance of racist claims.
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