Hurricane Hash

Hurricane Hash History. After much beer drinking and discussion it was decided that another excuse for a Hash run was warranted and so it was decided that each bank holiday (first Monday in August) the Lake Macquarie Hash would gather to have a run. The first run was held at Warners Bay park with Muncher and Tails as the Hares. 22 runners assembled that night for the inaugural run. A logo was designed that depicted the last defiant gesture of a Hashman out of control with his hand holding a glass of beer above the waters of the Lake. It was thought that this was just the thing for a "Lake Macquarie Hash" and would still be used had it never come true.

Jose, decided after the second run at the Belmont North Quarry, to document some of the history of Hurricane Hash in Volume 1 No. 1 of the L.M.H.3 Newsletter. Much like the runs and the members his ramblings are most entertaining and can be found attached at the bottom of this page. The newsletter set out some of the rules of Hurricane Hash which included at No 4. that the membership books for Hurricane were to be closed indefinitely and that the inaugural 22 members were the only full members of LMH3. All other attendees in the future would only be "Visitors". Below are the "Rules" and inaugural members.

L.M.H.3 Rules and Founding Members as Formulated at the Second Run

1. Muncher sacked as G.M.

2. No’s 3&4 would be the committee for the following year. Wingy has never experienced the giddy heights of being GM hence I am writing this.

3. We would only run on bank holiday night each year.

4. The books are closed indefinitely the following are inaugural & only members of L.M.H.3

5. Bring any amount of visitors

6. A run count will be kept. The first person to get 50 runs will get a gold bar from Tails or it may be claimed against his estate.

The Passing of Hurricane

Three years later on the 1st of August 1983, "Lake Macquarie" claimed one of Newcastle's Hashmen - Hurricane. After a run at Dudley, Hurricane was rowing across the lake to miss the "Booze Bus" when he fell out of his boat and was claimed by the Lake. Hurricane was a great Hashman and friend and in his memory and name, Lake Macquarie Hurricane Hash continues to run. Below is an article from the Newcastle Morning Herald detailing the sad event.

Hurricane Hash Logo

There are two Hurricane Hash logos, the original one depicted the last defiant guesture of a Hashman out of control with his hand holding a glass of beer above the waters of the Lake. After the passing of "Hurricane" it was decided to change the logo to one showing a Hurricane lantern to light the way safely home for Hashers.

Hurricane Hash Runs

Hurricane Hash Runs

Upcumming Hurricane Events

The 42nd anniversary of Hurricane Hash is planned to be held on Monday 7th of August 2023. The venue and date is to be confirmed. It will be hosted by our Hurricane Grand Masters: Squatting Squaw and Loan Arranger.