Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Welcome to the Newcastle Hash House Harriers (NH3) Australia home page. It has oft been said that "if you have half a mind to join Hash - that's all you need". Hashers are often said to be "Drinkers with a running problem."

If you like to socialise, have a few drinks, meet interesting people, eat food that usually cannot be described, see places that you never wanted to see, run up and down hills, through mud, in the rain, bush fires, heat, dust and freezing cold - well.... you might have found the right club to join. If you are irreverent, irrelevant, exuberant, exhibitionistic, can't sing to save your life, tell bad jokes, or good jokes, enjoy life, can talk crap underwater, like (or not) a quiet ale or three, have a thick hide, or just wished you were all these things. A run with NH3 should be the next thing you try in case you have to hurriedly meet your maker and realise that you have never Hashed!

These pages are designed to provide all the information that new and old Hashers alike, may require to fulfill their every Hash desire. It may also encourage you to join that secret and sacred society "The Brotherhood of the Foot".

Latest Run Sheet

For the latest run sheet (as at 20 Jan 2019) please see the attachments at the bottom of this page.

Upcumming Events

 Hash Songs

For the newcomers to NH3 or for those with a bad memory the songs are listed below in the Attachments section below. Should be no excuses now for people mumbling the words whilst hoping not to be caught out.

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