Wiener Neustädter Kanal Tour

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September 2017
16. 09. 2017

Total distance 45 kilometers,
Total climbing up: 0 hm
# four of four 

Iris, retired and tired bicyclist
Raimund, vulgo the Chefe
Margit our friend

Road bike tour Wiener Neustadt to Brunn am Gebirge
Review of the bike Tour

Total distance: 45 kilometers, Total climbing up: approx. 0 hm

By train to Wiener Neustadt.
Starting at Wiener Neustadt Hauptbahnhof.
on paved roads to Lichtenwörth, then gravel roads until Leobersdorf. Here the paved roads starts again.
We followed the Channel "Wiener Neustädter Kanal" side road.

Enjoy the picture report.
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The route:

 Passing Lichtenwörth
 Historical Landmark: "The Nadelburg"
 Adlertor at Nadelburg
 The historical church at Nadelburg - closed this time
 arriving at the channel sideway
 here the best part starts - at Leobersdorf
 + 1 of four: Raimund
 # 3 of four: Margit
 arriving at the winery at Mödling
 our award is writen on the wall...

- End of tour and report -